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Meet Dr. Steven

Healer, Chiropractor, Teacher, Author, Spiritual Advisor

Steven Hiebert is a gifted healer, doctor of chiropractic, spiritual advisor, teacher, and author who lives and works in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He grew up in a family of healers; knowing early in life that he, too, was called. 

Going well beyond traditional chiropractic, he has explored applied and clinical kinesiology, nutrition, and a variety of emotional and spiritual approaches to supporting health and wellbeing. His award-winning book, “Be Your Self and Be Well” is a distillation of his many years of helping people heal.

Meet Amelia

You Heal. I Help.

Intuitive Chiropractic and Spiritual Healing
Why Naturopathy

Why Intuitive Chiropractic?

By connecting with you on a deep, spiritual level,

intuitively guided chiropractic allows you and your body to guide what happens and when.

Tap into Your Wisdom.

Follow your body's unique wisdom to find wholeness and healing.

Find the Root Cause.

We work on the root of your problem, thereby helping you to heal quickly and efficiently.

Learn to Listen.

We take the time and space to deeply listen to our bodies. 

A Unique Blend of Methods

Each session is a blend of healing techniques to address your body, mind and spirit.  

Tailored to You.

Healing is not a one size fits all approach, we tailor each session to fit your unique needs.



Steven is the wisest and most loving human being I have ever had the privilege to know. Working with him has transformed my life at every level.


I am profoundly grateful to Steven for his unwavering kindness and great wisdom. His help has been invaluable as I seek to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. I am also so grateful that my three young adult daughters have found that they can trust him as completely as I do. What a gift to have someone to whom I can send them when they need someone other than a parent to talk to!


Do not miss the chance to spend time in the same room with this man!

– Miriam Scholz-Carlson


     BE WELL


Connecting with Your Soul's Power to Heal


Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? These are the most important questions you can ask your Self. They lead to meaning and fulfillment. The joy and contentment that follows opens the door to health and wellbeing.


The message is clear and simple: You have the power to heal. It is a gift from the divine that you were born with. The strength and undeniable resilience of your soul is what creates healing. Through the power of your soul, you can overcome everything.


Be Your Self and Be Well contains healing exercises that you can use to bring healing into your own life. Do the exercises, and you will begin to change. You will connect with the healing power of your soul and become happier and healthier as a result.

"...a must read to take control of your life and live your dream. A clear and concise guide to healing from a soul level."  
                                                                                                                                                                                 Judy Griffin, Ph.D.

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570 Asbury Street, St. Paul, Minnesota

"You were made by love, as love, and for love."
Dr. Steven Hiebert
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